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Cable Tunnel Cross Barriers

Effective Tunnel Fire Compartmentation Without Loss Of Access

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Cable Tunnel Cross Barriers

Cable tunnel cross barriers can be constructed to suit the cable tunnel size and shape, to give compartmentation within certain sections of cable tunnels. The cable tunnel barriers can have personnel doors for maintenance access, and any passing services can be firestopped accordingly whilst maintaining the overall fire rating of the cross barrier.

Durasteel cable barrier systems can be designed to incorporate hatches and doors, or to be demountable allowing access to the interior. Invicta can supply a full range of penetration seal systems which can be used to ensure maintenance of compartmentation where services pass through barriers.

Within cable transit tunnels, Durasteel systems can be used to provide transverse barriers, inclusive of access doorways and penetration sealing systems, this prevent fire travelling along the cable ways. The Durasteel barriers can also be constructed so as to separate tunnels into two or more distinct compartments, thus further reducing the risk of losing important services to fire.

Cable Tunnel BarrierThe Durasteel services protection system, combined with the fire stopping and penetration seal systems, offer the end user a wide range of design possibilities.

No matter what services may need to penetrate the structure or the Durasteel systems, penetration seal systems are able to provide comprehensive, high performance, cost effective and reliable fire stopping.


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