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Tank Enclosures

Providing Fire Protection For Life-Safety Critical Power Supplies

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Tank Enclosures

Tank Enclosure

In buildings with life safety power systems, it is often important to have a backup generator in case the primary power source fails. In these instances, the most common form of generator is diesel powered, and is fed by one or more diesel tanks. Should a fire occur within the generator room, these tanks could combust, causing severe collateral damage.

Durasteel 4-hour fire resistant tank enclosures provide comprehensive protection against external fires, protecting your diesel tanks or other fuel sources. Our Durasteel tank enclosures are built to specification, protecting fuel tanks from fires and heat transfer resulting from nearby electrical equipment.

Our Durasteel tank enclosures are typically constructed as 5-sided enclosures, with demountable access panels for tank cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the surrounding structures and tank location, however, it’s also possible to integrate fire-rated concrete walls into the enclosure design.

Our fuel tank enclosures are constructed to allow access to pressure gauges and instrumentation, allowing you to maintain and monitor the tanks without compromising their fire integrity. While Durasteel enclosures are most popularly used for fuel tanks, we can also construct them around almost any combustible material or sensitive equipment.

Our robust, self-supported tank enclosure systems are ideal for protecting fuel tanks in generator rooms, and ensuring continuity of life critical services in the event of a fire. For more information about our products, or to arrange a free site visit or consultation, get in touch with us today.


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