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Anti-Terrorist Blast Protection

Proven Protection Against TNT Terrorist Attacks

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Anti-Terrorist Blast Protection

While there is no place for scaremongering, it is a sad reality that terrorist incidents have become a more common and more visible issue in the past few decades. The improvised explosive devices often used by terrorists pose a serious risk to life, as well as the structural integrity of a building or structure.

With a range of motivations, the only common factor in most terrorist incidents is that they target areas considered to be ‘high risk’. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Public and recreational facilities
  • Stadiums
  • Venues
  • Public buildings
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Public areas, e.g. shopping districts
  • Political, ideological and infrastructural targets
  • Government buildings
  • Embassies
  • Defence establishments
  • Water, fuel and energy supplies
  • Financial districts

However unlikely a terrorist incident may be, anti-terrorist blast protection provides peace of mind, and a failsafe should the worst come to pass. Invicta Durasteel is the ideal choice for protecting a structure against a blast, and adheres to the UK’s CPNI-C15 TNT terrorist blast test standard – protecting your facility from the damage caused by a blast or bomb.

The damage from a terrorist incident threatens people’s safety, but it can also impair the safety of a building or structure. Damage to transport or power infrastructure can affect people beyond the site of the attack, while fires and structural damage could prevent people from escaping a building, or even cause the building to collapse.

Invicta Durasteel is often deployed as anti-terrorist blast protection in public spaces, protecting critical infrastructure in the world’s airports, train and metro stations, and landmarks. However, it is also commonly applied as perimeter protection, protecting a site from illegal access. This might range from a perimeter wall to protecting a bank vault from being breached with explosives.

With a proud record of protecting government facilities, palaces and everything in between, Invicta Durasteel offers peerless protection against terrorist bombs and blasts. Visit our Case Studies page to view some of our past work, or contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


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