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Fire Walls

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Fire Walls

Durasteel low radiation fire walls provide 4 hours of protection against fire, making them the ideal solution for constructions that require a high degree of stability and integrity. Invicta Durasteel fire walls offer a lightweight construction, in addition to being impact and moisture resistant, and are fully demountable.

Single layer Durasteel fire walls are constructed using a steel channel framework. The type of framing system and the dimensions of the steel sections depends on the specific performance requirements of the wall in terms o fire protection, impact resistance and wind loadings.

Durasteel insulated fire walls are designed to prevent the passage of heat from a fully developed fire on the exposed face of the wall to the unexposed face, in addition to providing the stability and integrity features of a standard Durasteel fire wall.

Installed as a complete and certified system by Invicta, our insulated fire walls allow a maximum temperature rise on the surface of the unexposed face of 140°C as a mean temperature over the entire surface, or a maximum temperature rise of 180°C at an single point.


Low Radiation Fire Walls – view interactive system

4 hour integrity fire protection

Insulated Fire Walls – view interactive system

Up to 4 hour integrity and insulation fire protection

What’s the difference between these?


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