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Cable Enclosures & Encasements

Ensuring Continued Operation Of Life-Safety Systems During A Fire

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Cable Enclosures & Encasements

Cable EncasementIn the event of a major fire, it’s important that critical power and data infrastructure remains operational for as long as required, in order to ensure that safety systems such as emergency lighting, sprinklers, generators, electric signage and alarms continue to function.

This is especially true of facilities which are particularly large, have complex evacuation requirements or need to support life during an ongoing emergency. In facilities such as hospitals, airports and other public services, the sudden loss of power could imperil both occupants and emergency personnel.

Our Durasteel cable enclosures are also assessed in accordance with the standard defined in BS EN 1366-5:2003 for a fire from both ‘outside to in’ and ‘inside to out’. They guarantee that the temperature of the cable jacket within the enclosure will not exceed 180°C, and can withstand the effects of both a high-pressure water jet and the resulting thermal shock from a sudden drop in temperature.

Features of Durasteel Cable Enclosures

  • 2 and 3-sided systems fixed directly to the concrete soffit, wall or slab
  • 4-sided system suspended on a support system
  • Provides either 2-hour or 4-hour fire protection in both directions
  • Can include demountable access panels for cable maintenance
  • Cables can either be self-supported directly by the Durasteel enclosure or on their own trapeze support system and cable ladder/tray which is then fully encased by an independent Durasteel enclosure
  • Thermal shock protection to protect from firemen’s hoses
  • Flexibility to transition between two, three and four-sided systems in both horizontal and vertical arrangements, to accommodate for:
    • The cable route
    • Cable bend radiuses
    • Passthrough compartment firewalls
    • Compartment concrete floor slabs
    • Cable weight load (omitting the need for a cable tray if installed directly on a 4-sided system)


There are two fundamental Durasteel cable enclosures systems which are used for different scenarios and requirements.

Integrity only cable enclosureIntegrity-Only Cable Enclosure

  • Single board system fixed to skeletal framework providing integrity-only fire protection
  • Only used if the cables are not critical to life-safety systems
  • Ideally suited for:
    • Data cables/communication cables
    • Low/high voltage cables
    • Busbars (carries electricity to cabinets)

Integrity & Insulation Cable Enclosure

  • Two board system fixed to skeletal framework to insulate cables, maintaining temperatures under 120 degrees Celsius for the required duration
  • Can include intumescent grilles to allow for heat dissipation
  • Insulated cable enclosureIdeally suited for:
    • Life-safety cables
    • Any interior building element designed to evacuate people in an event of an emergency (means of egress)
    • Circuit breakers
    • Electricity generation
    • Fire alarms
    • Life-support systems
    • Telecommunications
    • Signal and control systems
    • Platform detection to control doors and automatic train stop systems
    • Air traffic control
    • Radio systems
    • Sprinklers
    • Smoke alarms
    • Smoke extraction fans
    • Transformers

Invicta Durasteel have installed cable enclosures across a variety of projects, including the protection of critical life-safety cables. For more information, to book a complementary site visit and to find out what Invicta Durasteel can do for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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