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Power Station Fire Protection

High Performance Fire & Blast Protection For Power & Energy Facilities

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Power Station Fire Protection

Power stations represent perhaps the highest risk factor for fire and blasts across all working environments. With a variety of combustible materials onsite, a fire within a power station can quickly spiral out of control, with devastating consequences for property and life. A blast or fire within just one area of a power station has the potential to significantly reduce or even cease operation of the entire power station for weeks, months or even years.

Given these risks, it’s vital that power stations employ the highest possible level of fire and blast protection. Your first port of call is likely to be transformer barriers, which are a requirement in order to protect personnel and facilities in the event of a transformer explosion, and to prevent a chain reaction occurring with adjacent transformers.

Invicta Durasteel transformer barriers provide the ultimate protection from explosions, providing up to 2-bar (200kN/m²) overpressure blast resistance. As transformers at power stations are often lined up adjacently, Durasteel transformer barriers can be used to separate them from one another, protecting your plant against a transformer explosion chain reaction.

As well as shielding transformers, Durasteel systems can also be installed to house high voltage cables and compartment tunnels, as well as for fire-rated natural ventilation ducts or shafts. Durasteel is also regularly used in power plants to protect manual valves and control panels for deluge systems, critical in responding to and quelling a major fire.

Durasteel enclosures for deluge generators and control panels can take the form of a small shield or an entire room, which might run the length of an entire facility. Our Durasteel deluge enclosures are built to protect workers and maintain access to critical systems in the event of a fire, without constricting movement or impacting on your day-to-day operations.

With a variety of fire-rated products and broad industry experience, Invicta Durasteel can provide the ideal solution for any energy industry project. Visit our Case Studies page to view some of our previous work, or get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.


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