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A piece of threaded metal, often with a square or hexagonal head, used to fix two unthreaded components together with the aid of a nut.



Cold Rolled Channel – A C-shaped length of rolled metal, used to form a framework.


An L- or T-shaped piece of steel used to join 2 or more pieces together.

Composite panel

A material or structure made up of multiple layers and materials that are either mechanically or chemically bonded together.



Removable and re-usable without causing damage that require rectification works.


A system used to supply and remove passages of air in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Also known as ductwork and ducting.


A 9.5mm thick composite panel of fibre reinforced cement core mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both outer surface.


Fire Barrier

A system used to prevent the spread of fire, and sometimes heat, from one area to an adjacent area.

Fire Wall

A system used to prevent the spread of fire, and sometimes heat, from one compartment of a building to an adjacent compartment.


A projecting flat lip, ridge or rim on an object, either internal or external, used as a strengthening element and/or for connecting 2 objects together. Flanges are used to connect 2 sections of duct.



A material used to control and limit the spread and transfer of heat.



A horizontal strut formed from CRC, used to give rigidity to a framework, fixed between studs to their increase strength and stiffness. Also called noggin.


A small flat piece of square or hexagonal metal with a threaded hole through which a bolt is screwed into in order to secure it into position.



Any item/element that physically passes through a fire compartment.


The space between the concrete slab of a building and a secondary suspended ceiling or raised floor, that can facilitate air circulation as part of a HVAC system.



Substances used to block the passage of liquids, gases, heat and sound through joints, gaps or surfaces of materials.


A vertical strut formed from CRC, used to form a framework.


Tek screw

Self-tapping fasteners that have a drill bit end allowing them to be used for screwing materials together without pre-drilling. Also called self-drilling screws.

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