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Integrity-only Durasteel Barrier

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Durasteel Panel

Single layer of 9.5mm thick Durasteel 4 hour composite panel fixed on one side of the channel with M5.5 steel self drill and tap Tek screws at 250mm nominal centres

M5.5 Tek Screw Fixings

Typically 38mm long 5.5mm self drill and tap Tek screws

Angle Cleat

Typically 60mm x 60mm x 3mm or 120mm x 60mm x 3mm x 60mm long, fastened to each channel member with two M10 x 25mm steel bolts, nuts and washers

Steel Framework

Typically 80mm x 60mm x 3mm or 150mm x 60mm x 3mm Cold Rolled Channel framework, with vertical channels set at a maximum 1200mm centres

Integrity-only Durasteel Barrier

Fire Resistance: 240 minutes (integrity only)

Weight (nominal): 27kg/m²

Durasteel low radiation fire walls provide 4 hours of protection against fire, making them the ideal solution for constructions that require a high degree of stability and integrity. Durasteel fire walls offer a lightweight construction, in addition to being impact and moisture resistant.

Single layer Durasteel fire walls are constructed using a steel channel framework. The type of framing system and the dimensions of the steel sections depends on the specific performance requirements of the wall in terms of fire protection, impact resistance and wind loadings.

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