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Durasteel High Voltage Cable Encasement Protects London 2012 Service Bridge

London, UK

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Home Case Studies Durasteel High Voltage Cable Encasement Protects London 2012 Service Bridge


High Voltage Cable Separation

Fire Rating

4 Hours Integrity, 2 Hours Insulation



Invicta has recently completed passive fire protection works on the London 2012 Olympics site.

Invicta are proud to have completed this unique project, which saw the requirement to protect a 50m cable service bridge containing high voltage cables. The client required a 4 hour integrity with 2 hour insulation encasement to run through the service bridge, including internal splitter walls to segregate the high voltage cables, and Durasteel provided the ideal solution.

The encasement ensures that should the cables on one side of encasement catch fire, the internal splitter walls protect the cables on the other side, allowing them to remain operational and ensuring that no downtime occurs.

Due to the climate conditions where the the bridge is located, this project was completed with a 316 guage stainless steel Durasteel sheet.

The project was completed in 4 weeks, utilising 2 daily 8 hour shifts.


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