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Transformer fire protection in Saudi Arabia

Fire and blast protection for energy projects in Saudi Arabia

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As power plants, substations and other facilities age, there’s often a need to mitigate the risk of transformer failure. Yet building traditional fire and blast protection barriers can require significant groundwork, and not fit within the profile of the transformers or nearby buildings. As a result, no action may be taken.

Invicta Durasteel provides low-profile fire and blast resistant barriers ideal for shielding transformers and adjascent structures. Our barriers can be fitted quickly without the need for deep concrete foundations, making them an ideal solution for space limitations, with no compromise on the protection they offer.

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Solving the transformer safety issue

Research indicates that the lifespan of a transformer is between 25 and 50 years, with wear-out failures becoming more common after 25 years. As these failures can not only cause the transformer to stop functioning, but also lead to damaging fires and blasts, a long-term solution is required.

A fire and blast protection system can contain any problems with the transformers, preventing them from damaging other neighbouring transformers and structures. However, a concrete system may not fit between transformers, and underground cables and services can make it difficult to lay foundations.

In these cases, there are three options:

Replace the transformer

Replacing the transformer immediately solves the problem, not accounting for the potential of manufacturing defects or random failure. However, this is also extremely expensive and logistically difficult, as the old transformer has to be removed and disposed of before the new one can be installed. This is also more environmentally damaging than simply maintaining it.

Do nothing

Some organisations, thinking that there is no feasible solution other than an expensive replacement, will opt to do nothing.The transformer may continue to operate without incident for a period of time, but an eventual failure is inevitable. When it occurs, it can not only damage working transformers, but also put personnel and nearby structures at risk.

Install Durasteel barriers

Durasteel provides a practical, cost-effective, and long-lasting solution to these issues. The thin profile of Durasteel barriers allows them to easily fit between and adjacent to transformers, with no need for deep concrete foundations. The barriers provide up to 4-hour fire resistance, comprehensive blast and impact protection, and acoustic and thermal insulation.

Our transformer barrier project at Stronelairg wind farm in the Scottish Highlands

Why work with Invicta?

15 years of fire and blast protection in the Middle East

Responsive service from three Middle East offices

Rigorous testing to major fire & blast safety standards

Combined knowledge and experience of 180+ staff

40 years of successful projects around the world

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Energy projects in the Middle East

With more than 15 years of experience in the Middle East, Invicta Durasteel has worked on a series of major projects in Saudi Arabia, including the Riyadh Metro and BRT. Our work in the energy sector includes the world-leading ADNOC M oil storage facility, and prestigious projects for CLP Power, SSE and EDF Energy.

Offering superb fire and blast protection in a small form factor, Durasteel consists of punched steel sheets mechanically bonded to a fibre-reinforced cement core. Durasteel barriers are easy to install, remove & maintain, and don’t require deep concrete foundations – limiting disruption to critical energy infrastructure.

Durasteel protects world’s largest underground oil storage facility

Fujairah, UAE View case study

Jet fire rated barriers secure offshore LNG terminal

Hong Kong View case study

Transformer barrier protects London Underground switch house

Stockwell, London View case study
Transformer Barrier

Transformer barrier keeps Network Rail lines running

East Feltham, London View case study
Seesa banner

Large Transformer Barrier Protects SEESA Barking Site

Barking, UK View case study
Beddington fire barrier banner

Transformer barrier reinforces National Grid infrastructure

Beddington, UK View case study

What is Durasteel?

Durasteel is a 9.5mm thick composite panel fire protection board, comprised of a fibre-reinforced cement core mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets. When fixed to a steel channel or angle framework, the Durasteel board forms part of a fully certified fire protection system, providing up to 4-hour fire integrity, insulation and blast protection. Its versatility allows it to be used for walls, barriers, ducts, doors, ceilings, hatches, cable enclosures and more.

Durasteel is blast resistant to 2.7 bar (270kN/m²) overpressure, impact resistant to 3000J after a 4-hour fire, impervious to inclement weather, and resistant to fire hoses. It also offers up to 56dB of acoustic insulation for noise reduction, and thermal insulation for protecting personnel during a fire.

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Durasteel vs concrete

Durasteel systems are prefabricated before being shipped to a site for assembly and installation, a process that can take as little as one day. Unlike a concrete fire and blast protection system, which may need weeks for the foundations to set, Durasteel barriers and other systems can be quickly and easily installed by only a handful of trained personnel.

Durasteel systems provide equivalent fire and blast protection to concrete systems with a much smaller profile, allowing them to be used for a wider range of applications. Their lightweight and modular design also means they can be easily dismantled, either to be relocated or temporarily removed so that equipment can be accessed and maintained.

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