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Fire and Blast Protection in Indonesia

Shielding the transport & energy sectors

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Invicta is proud to provide world-class blast and fire protection systems in Indonesia. With support from our South East Asia office, we’re working with organisations across Indonesia to identify their precise requirements, and build bespoke solutions. Our unique combination of global expertise, industry experience, and local talent ensures that each blast and fire protection project is delivered on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to your business.

With more than 35 years of international experience, Invicta is the perfect partner for your next fire or blast protection project. Our Durasteel systems provide up to 4 hour fire resistance and 2.7 bar blast resistance, offering unparalleled protection in a discreet form factor. With moisture resistance protecting against humidity, inclement weather, and firefighters’ hoses, Invicta Durasteel systems keep performing under even the most challenging conditions.

Why work with Invicta?

Regional support from our South East Asia office

Extensive experience in energy & transport sectors

Over a dozen accreditations ensure safety and longevity

Systems tested to the most rigorous global standards

35 years of successful fire protection projects

Protecting infrastructure

Invicta Durasteel is at the heart of dozens of major transport and energy sites across Asia, protecting lives and facilitating an effective emergency response. Click the links below to view some of the most common applications for our blast and fire protection systems, or visit our Applications page to learn more.

Metro and Rail Fire Protection

View System

Oil & Gas Fire & Blast Protection

View System

Tunnel Fire Protection

View System

Cable Tunnel Fire Compartmentation

View System

Building Fire Compartmentation

View System

Substation Fire & Blast Protection

View System

Past projects

Invicta Durasteel has installed fire and blast protection systems in more than 24 countries to date, including a growing repertoire of projects in South East Asia. Click the links below to learn more about the work we do to protect facilities around the world, including fire barriers, hatches, exhaust ducts and more.

OTE exhaust duct protects passengers on Doha Metro

Qatar View case study

Durasteel fire barriers protect Dubai Metro passengers & staff

Dubai, UAE View case study

Durasteel shields fireman’s stairwell enclosure at Heathrow Terminal 5

London, UK View case study
Jebel Ali Banner

Fire Barriers Installed In Underground Tunnels At Jebel Ali Desalination Plant

Dubai, UAE View case study

Durasteel equipment delivery hatches support Doha Metro

Qatar View case study

Durasteel Fire Barriers Protect New Control Centre On London Underground

Highgate, London, UK View case study

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