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DBD Durasteel Blast Doors

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DBD Durasteel Blast Doors


Standard Specification
Leaf: Overall Thickness: 28 or 50mm
Material: 9.5mm thick DURASTEELĀ® sheet
Jointing construction: Mitred and welded
Frame: Overall frame depth: 70mm (FR9) (FR13)
Material: 75 x 50 x 6mm thick channel section
Jointing: Mitred and welding joints
Type and configuration: Single rebate/3-sided frame
Threshold plate: 70 x 10mm thick MS plate (FR15)
Finish: Frame and leaf: Standard shop applied zinc based primer, ready for site painting (P3)
Ironmongery: Leaf fitted with 3-way shoot bolt mechanism, handle set and rose plates.
2 no. hook and ride hinges and central hinge keep per leaf. Passive leaf
on a double leaf doorset is fitted with either face fixed tower bolts top and
bottom or 2-way shoot bolts
Certification: Independent blast test at BRE Cardington TCR 112/95
Dimensional Details Ref Single leaf Doorset Example Calculation Double Lead Doorset Example Calculation
Structural opening width A A 900mm A 900mm
Structural opening height B B 2100mm B 2100mm
Overall frame width C (A-8=C) 892mm (A-8=C) 1792mm
Overall frame height D (B-6=D) 2094mm (B-6=D) 2094mm
Door leaf width E (A-113=E) 787mm (A-120)/2=E) 840mm
Door leaf height F (B-79=F) 2021mm (B-79=F) 2021mm

Note: Calculations based on standard specification


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