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The Durawall system has been developed with durability, structural stability and fire performance in mind. The system is ideally suitable for the construction of non-load bearing internal partition walls that require a tested fire rating to act as firewalls or compartmentation walls.

The Durawall system is built around the Durawall steel-faced composite panel with a non-combustible rock wool core. This is ideally suited for the construction of non-load bearing internal partition walls that require a tested fire rating to act as firewalls or compartmentation walls. The insurance industry recognises the value of passive fire protection and the important role of compartmentation in improving safety and potential losses in this area.

Core Material

The core material is high quality, non-combustible rock wool, which means it is impossible to ignite and will not contribute heat to a fire. It will also produce very little smoke and toxic fumes. The special rock wool has a predominately vertical fibre structure, which provides high shear, compression and tensile strengths.


Panel Joint

Durawall panel joints are specially designed to be tight, thus preventing penetration of smoke and hot gases in a fire situation.

Design Approach

In the case of fire, Durawall system panels function as a catenary structure. Therefore, when designing fire resisting structures, it is important for the design to take into account all junctions and penetrations, so that all aspects of the detail solution meets requirements for integrity and insulation.

An Invicta Durawall system design offers a total design solution so that the required passive fire protection can be guaranteed. Longer spans and pre-finished, high quality panels can dramatically reduce project times.

Fire Safe

All Invicta composite wall panel systems are manufactured with a proven non-combustible structural rock wool core.


Acoustically Sound

Invicta's range of composite wall panels offer acoustic solutions developed to assist compliance with Approved Document E (2003).

Environmentally Sustainable

Durawall cores are zero ODP and free of HCFC's. At the end of its useful life, the insulation can be reprocessed into further energy saving insulation.

Smoke Safe

Smoke not only causes risk to health and hinders escape, but products that give off large volumes of smoke can also cause major stock losses. Durawall's rock wool core is non-combustible and will therefore cause little or no smoke damage.

Durawall Features

  • A total Durawall system design for wall and penetrations with guaranteed performance
  • Up to 120 minutes fire resistance (integrity and insulation)
  • LPCB Approved (LPS 1208: Issue 2 – LPCB fire resistance requirements for elements of construction used to provide compartmentation)
  • Speed of installation can significantly reduce project length
  • Cost competitive in many project applications
  • Dry construction technique with no need to strengthen foundations or main structure in most cases
  • Egan compliant, with high quality and high performance off-site manufactured product

Durawall Panel Specifications

Panel Type Fire Rating
EI (minutes)
Panel Thickness
Acoustic Properties
Weighed SRI (dB)
U Values
(W/m² K)
Panel Weight
Durawall 60 60 100 28.5 0.35 19.5
Durawall 90 90 125 31.1 0.31 26.5
Durawall 120 120 150 39.1 0.26 29.8