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DD120 Durasteel 2 Hour Access Hatch

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DD120 Durasteel 2 Hour Access Hatch

Leaf Overall thickness 28mm
Material: 9.5mm thick Durasteel sheet
Jointing construction: Mitred and welded
Frame: Overall frame depth: 60mm (FR7)
Material: 60 x 60 x 6mm thick
Jointing: Mitred and welding
Type and configuration Single rebate/4-sided frame
Finish: Frame and leaf: Standard shop applied zinc based primer, ready for site painting (P3), 2 pack epoxy paint system
Ironmongery: 2 no.hook and ride hinges per leaf and recessed pull handle
Certification: BS 476: Part 22: 1987

DD 120/240 fire access hatch

Dimensional Details Ref Single Leaf Doorset Example Calculation
Structural opening width A A 900mm
Structural opening height B B 1000mm
Overall frame width C (A – 8 = C) 892mm
Overall frame lengyh D (B – 8 = D) 992mm
Door leaf width E (A – 25 = E) 875mm
Door leaf length H (B – 26 = F) 974mm

Note: For maximum leaf sizes, configurations and options, please refer to Promat Technical Services Department Calculations based on standard specification.




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