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Airport Fire Protection

Durasteel has been installed in airports around the world in order to provide the ultimate in airport fire protection and blast protection. From the installation of fire barriers in public areas to fire rated ductwork, fire protected shafts and tunnels, Durasteel is relied upon to ensure the absolute safety of the passengers and staff in airports.

Fire Protection at London Heathrow Terminal 5

Durasteel was used extensively across the recently completed £4.2billion construction of London Heathrow Terminal 5, the large-scale extension to the world's busiest international airport which provided accommodation for an additional 30 million passengers to pass through the airport every year. In total, over 100,000m² of Durasteel was installed within the airport's main terminal building, satellites, and in the connecting railway station.

London Heathrow Airport Fire Protection

Insulated fire barriers, linings to service corridors and tunnels below the aprons, and providing fire and blast protection in the cavernous baggage handling areas, lift pits, workshops and plant rooms are just some of the areas within which Durasteel was specified and installed in the airport terminal's construction.

Airports must follow strict rules and regulations when implementing fire safety. With so many technical and working areas compiled with an ever steady footfall, it is vital that the safety of all staff and visitors within and around the airport is always the main priority. With its long history of proven fire protection performance, Durasteel is now the high specficiation fire protection and blast protection system of choice for airports around the world. Our systems provide extensive protection that will protect airport areas from blasts and explosions, and offer 4 hour fire protection. We provide a variety of systems that can be integrated within an airport fire protection plan; whether it is for integrity only or with insulation to protect key areas of the airport in the event of a fire or blast.

Airport Fire Protection at London Heathrow Terminal 5

Making sure that all airport terminals, baggage areas, workshops and plant rooms stay protected in the event of a fire or explosion is vital. Durasteel is trusted and tested to withstand the highest levels of blasts, fire, heat and impacts. All of our systems can be built and installed to specific requirements, whether this be fire rated ductwork, corridor walls, fire protected shafts or tunnels within the airport. Durasteel can prevent the collapse of structure within an airport and ensure that further hazards do not instantly occur.

Fear within a lot of airports is the spread of fire throughout adjoining buildings. The conflagration of fire and smoke that spreads to wider areas of an airport can be prevented by utilising the key strengths of the Durasteel system. Our systems can be used in multiple areas of an airport to ensure fire and blast protection, and can be used to build secure escape paths for visitors, passengers and staff if a fire has started and there are a reduced number of alternative escape routes from the fire. Durasteel protected escape routes can provide the highest level of fire protection and safety in airports if installed as a 4 hour fire resistant system.