Transformer Blast Barrier Protects Drinks Company's Employees From Blast Dangers

Location: London, UK

As a leading blast solutions provider, Invicta's Durasteel division were appointed to supply and install a bespoke designed blast wall for drinks manufacturer Britvic UK PLC to provide protection to their head office building's glass facade windows from a row of newly installed transformers.

The Durasteel wall was required to provide the building with a blast protection level of 10kN/m², in addition to the structural calculations report detailing a wind loading resistance of 21m/s being required within this external environment.

Following approval of the design report, Invicta installed a 12m long by 4m high single skin Durasteel blast wall complete with diagonal support posts. The complete barrier was installed within 5 working days without the need for cranage or further civil foundations, and provides a combination of fire and blast protection in one direction as a fully certified self-supporting Durasteel blast wall system.

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