Durasteel Fire Barriers Provide Fire Protection To The Dubai Metro

Location: Dubai, UAE Image Gallery Below
Durasteel Barrier

Following the successful test installation of 2 fire barriers earlier in the year, Invicta's Middle East division has recently completed extensive fire protection work on the Dubai Metro, designing and installing a total of 40 fire barriers in 19 separate underground and overground stations on the Green Line.

Each barrier was designed to fill voids in the building walls of between 12m² and 15m² in size, in order to stop the spread of fire and contain any potential explosions from causing wide-scale damage and injury in public areas. In addition to providing 3 hour fire resistance, a key requirement of each barrier was that it must be completely demountable in order for the areas to be easily accessible for the maintenance and removal of machinery. Each barrier required provisions for duct and cable tray penetrations, which were sealed with firebat. It was also essential that the fire barriers located with external faces were able to withstand high windloads, another key feature of Durasteel barriers which made them the ideal solution in this scenario.

Uneven surfaces and irregular shapes of the side walls surrounding each barrier, coupled with harsh underground working conditions and a strict deadline, were just a few of the multitude of difficulties faced by Invicta's installation teams when completing this project. However, with our vast experience of working in such conditions, these were overcome with confidence and the project completed in time for the metro stations to open on schedule.

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