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Blast Walls

Durasteel Blast Walls

Durasteel blast barriers are extremely effective against blasts and explosions due to their impact and heat resistant qualities.

For this reason, Durasteel blast walls and barriers are specifically designed and installed to protect personnel, buildings and equipment from the effects of explosion, fire and impact.

In addition, they guard against the effects of smoke and fumes in hazardous environments, such as offshore platforms, petrochemical installations, chemical plants, military establishments, civil defence works and hazardous process plants.

Durasteel Blast Wall Features

  • Blast resistant, tested from 0.3 to 2 bar over pressure
  • Resistant to hydrocarbon fires, tested to H120
  • Impact resistant to 4000J after 180 minute fire test
  • High energy absorption
  • Hose stream resistant to a 5 Bar high pressure hose in accordance with DIN 4102 Parts 2 and 3 requirements

Durasteel is a composite of fibre-cement with perforated metal sheets. It is non-combustible and lightweight and is widely used in the construction of fire resisting structures. It is unaffected by moisture and when saturated its fire performance remains unimpaired.

Exceptionally robust, Durasteel sheets are resistant to impact damage and once installed, require minimal maintenance.

Durasteel sheets and constructions have been widely tested by independent authorities.

The systems are used widely in the offshore petrochemical and ammunitions manufacturing industries as blast walls, which make use of its blast protection properties.

Unlike many fire and blast resistant materials, Durasteel is non-combustible and will withstand an explosion followed by a prolonged fire and will still be unaffected by hose stream fire fighting.

Its integrity remains unimpaired, ensuring continued protection against fire, impact and moisture as well as preventing the escape of smoke and toxic gases.

Durasteel systems are tested up to H120 fire rating, and the systems can be designed to suit specific project performance requirements.

Fully insulated systems can be supplied to meet specifications if required.

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