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Pallet Racking Warehouse Fire Barriers

Durasteel Pallet Racking Barriers

The need for effective protection of personnel, plant, stores and property in industry is vital. Durasteel is proven to contain fire within compartments of a production area or storage facility, thus allowing evacuation of personnel, minimising disruption of processes and preventing the destruction of valuable stocks.

The Invicta Group's experience within the Pallet Racking industry compliments the design and install of in-rack fire rated barrier systems.

The system is fitted within the racking and is connected to each side. Under fire conditions, it releases on the fire side maintaining two hour fire compartmentation.

Low Radiation Fire Wall

Low radiation fire wall for construction where a high degree of stability and integrity are required, where insulation as measured upon the unexposed surface of the wall is not critical, but where heat radiation from exposed to unexposed face could be of importance. Invicta Durasteel low heat radiation walls offer a lightweight construction, which is very narrow across its thickness.

Used in conjunction with the Invicta Durasteel pallet racking fire barrier system, this wall offers increased warehousing space and allows for racking to be placed practically against the Durasteel wall itself.

Single layer Durasteel fire walls can be constructed using framing of either steel channels, Tee sections or back to back angle sections. The type of framing system and the dimensions of the steel sections will depend on the performance requirements of the wall in terms of wind load, fire performance, impact resistance etc. In instances such as these, Durasteel walls are of a bespoke design.