Interactive E240 Durasteel Duct



Durasteel Panel

Single layer of 9.5mm thick Durasteel 4 hour composite panel fixed to the steel framework with M5.5 steel self drill and tap Tek screws and sealed with sealant



Steel Framework

Typically 50mm x 50mm x 3mm Cold Rolled Angle welded steel framework fixed with M10 x 25mm steel bolts, nuts and washers at 250mm nominal centres



M5.5 Tek Screw Fixings

Typically 38mm long 5.5mm self drill and tap Tek screws at 200mm nominal centres



Drop Rods

Typically M20 or M12 Drop Rods to support duct from concrete soffit at 1500mm maximum centres

Durasteel Duraduct Fire Duct

Fire Resistance: 240 minutes

The Durasteel Duraduct Ductwork system is designed to provide high levels of both fire and blast protection, making the system uniquely suitable for potentially explosive envuronments such as transformer and switch gear rooms. It is also tried and tested in ductwork solutions for smoke control, smoke exhaust, fresh air ventilation, pressurisation riser shafts, lift-shaft protection and protection of power cables and services.

The Duraduct system is formed by fixing 9.5mm Durasteel sheets onto a welded, prefabricated steel framework and can be constructed in 2, 3 and 4 sided configurations.

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