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Warehouse Fire Protection

A Durasteel fire barrier is the premier choice for warehouse fire protection in storage and distribution facilities around the world, giving confidence of protection to life and the products being stored in the event of a fire.

Warehouses are the storage place for a huge variety of products and often house a vast array of electrical services. This means that the risk factor and potential for a fire to start and spread is increased greatly. A requirement for most warehouses today is to have goods available for distribution around the clock, and this poses a great problem for modern storage facilities as they are constructed with these requirements in mind, further increasing the vulnerability for there to be technical faults and thus resulting fires.

Durasteel can be installed into warehouses as a system that will act as not only a passive fire protection system for the facility and contents of it, but also a lifesaving one. Our fire barriers can withstand high levels of intense fire and depending upon the system implemented also act as an insulator to stop heat transferring throughout the facility and causing greater damage to the items that are being stored.

In order to maximise storage capacity, means of escape from modern warehouses is often not as straightforward as it used to be in previous years. Durasteel passive fire protection systems can be installed in order to create an escape route or a pathway, such as stairway enclosure that will stop fire from penetrating into specific areas that offer means of escape. Durasteel can be seen in many warehouses across the UK, Europe and North America as a tried and tested passive fire protection system, certified to many international fire test standards. The systems can be installed as a fire wall or fire barrier that will stop the spreading of a potential fire and also keep any ignited fires to a restricted area until fire-fighters arrive on to the scene. The 4 hour integrity that Durasteel features makes it the premier choice for making sure that warehouses are protected to the highest level in the event of a fire.

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