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Rail and Metro Fire Protection

Durasteel has been installed in rail and metro facilities around the world in order to provide the ultimate in rail and metro fire protection. From installation in tunnels to provide tunnel fire protection, to public areas which are located close to explosion risks, Durasteel is relied upon to ensure the absolute safety of the passengers and staff using rail and metro facilities around the world.

Fire Protection on the London Underground

Durasteel is extensively installed across the entire London Underground system, providing the highest levels of fire and blast protection in public areas, operations areas and in tunnels.

Fire Protection on the Dubai Metro

Invicta has also installed a large amount of Durasteel across the Dubai Metro system, installing more than 40 fire barriers in 19 seperate underground and overground locations to prevent the spread of fire through public areas.

The consideration of fire safety in rail and underground has been increasing over recent years at a rapid rate. It can perhaps be credited to new international regulations but more likely as a result of cruel lessons that have been learnt from fires that have started on underground rail lines.

There are many requirements for fire protection that must be followed by metro rail operators. All systems such as passenger compartments, underfloor electrical systems and switch cabinets pose lots of considerations for fire protection system installations. Durasteel is a fire protection system that is installed throughout the London Underground and across multiple Metro lines around the world. In rail and metro environments, the first priority is always to ensure the safety of both passengers and staff in the area.

Reduce Risks of Fire and Explosion

Although active fire protection systems make up a large part of fire safety plans for these areas, the installation of a Durasteel passive fire protection system will stop the spreading of a large fire or explosion if it occurs in one of the higher risk areas, such as cable rooms.

The Durasteel fire protection systems that are installed on underground rail and metro lines can be seen in and around public areas that are close to explosion risks. Along with this, Durasteel is used as part of rail fire protection systems within the tunnels themselves.

Behind rail and metro tunnel walls and below the lines there are a lot of high risk materials that have the potential to result in the occurrence of a devastating incident. Durasteel can prevent the spreading of fire for up to 4 hours and can also withstand some of the fiercest fire blasts and explosions around.

With millions of commuters and staff visiting and operating in and around Underground and Metro rail lines all around the world, Durasteel is very much a system that can offer the ultimate in fire protection.

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