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Power Station Fire and Blast Protection

Power station fire protection is one of the prime concerns of power facilities around the world in order to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. Transformer barriers are a requirement in order to protect personnel and facilities in the event of a transformer explosion and to prevent a chain reaction occurring with adjacent transformers. Durasteel transformer barriers provide the ultimate protection from explosions, providing up to 2 bar over pressure blast resistance.

Power stations represent perhaps the highest risk factor for fire and blasts across all working environments, beacuse of the complicated processes that take place.

With a variety of combustible materials onsite, a fire within a power station can be truly devastating. A blast or fire within just one area of a power station has the potential to significantly reduce or even cease operation of the entire power station for weeks. Therefore implementing the highest level of fire and blast protection for power stations is fundamental.

Benefit from Years of Experience

The size of the power station can potentially raise serious questions when looking to install a high specification fire protection system. Durasteel, however, makes this process easier, having been tried and tested in power facilities around the world for many years for the protection from explosions and blasts. With multiple transformers onsite at power stations, it is a requirement for there to be transformer barriers installed to reduce the effects of explosions. Transformers at power stations are often lined up adjacently; Durasteel transformer barriers can be used to separate these transformers and as a result act as a passive fire protection system that will immediately increase the safety of the power station workers and the surrounding environment by stopping a transformer chain explosion from occurring.

It is not only as transformer barriers that Durasteel can be used for when protecting a power station from fire and blasts. Durasteel systems can be put in place that will house high voltage cables, compartment tunnels and also provide fire rated natural ventilation ducts or shafts.

Durasteel Reduces Risk of Fire and Explosions

There have been multiple news stories in recent times that tell of how large-scale fires and explosions within power stations have occurred as a result of smaller fires or explosions that were not initially contained. An explosion took place at Enron Power Station, Teeside, England in 2001 during a maintenance closure; this resulted in three workers losing their lives and others being injured. Durasteel systems when installed as part of the right specification can ensure that the risk of fire spreading and explosions within power stations is reduced tenfold.

It is however not only internal fire threats that can prove to be a challenge for power stations. A recent example would be what happened at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, which was triggered by an offshore earthquake and the resulting tsunami which caused huge fire outbreaks across the plant. Having undergone extensive testing, Durasteel is certified to make sure it protects from fires and blasts offering assurance to all those who need fire and blast protection.

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