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Petrochemical Plant Fire Protection

Durasteel fire barriers and blast barriers are the premier choice for the fire protection of petrochemical plants around the world, giving confidence of protection to life in the event of a fire or explosion.

Petrochemical plants pose a high risk for fires and blasts. These environments provide a greater threat than power stations as there is the risk of more intense explosions as a result of the obvious on-site petroleum. It is imperative that the highest performing and most durable and effective fire and blast protection systems are put in place to maintain the safety of all petrochemical plant workers and those in adjacent areas. Durasteel is a proven system that can fulfil these requirements and with the properties that the Durasteel system features it can give a peace of mind to those that operate in the petrochemical plant working environment.

It is fair to say that the environmental conditions that are found within the petrochemical industry are some of the most dangerous in all working environments, with unprecedented blasts and fires that can occur at any time.

Making sure the right precautions and equipment is in place to prevent and contain the spreading of fires and blasts in and around petrochemical plants is fundamental. Having well thought out plans and structures in place will enable effective incident control and the saving of lives. Durasteel blast barriers can be used as a way of providing blast protection and the causing of a chain reaction of explosions from one part of the petrochemical plant to another.

It is vital to have a strong understanding of the special risk that is associated with the types of fires and blasts that can occur at petrochemical plants. In order to make sure the best possible protection is installed highly trained experts need to be entrusted who know how to install the right fire and blast protection systems. Installing Durasteel into a petrochemical station can ensure that blasts and fires are contained as Durasteel is able to withstand the greatest of blasts, fires, heat and impacts available on the market.