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Oil Rig and Offshore Fire and Blast Protection

Durasteel has been installed on oil rigs and offshore platforms around the world in order to provide the ultimate fire protection on oil rigs. The light weight and strength of Durasteel, combined with its hydrocarbon fire, blast, impact, water and corrosion resistance properties make Durasteel systems the ideal choice for fire protection on oil rigs and offshore platforms and also in potentially hazardous land-based environments.

There are fewer workplaces that are considered to pose a higher risk than offshore platforms and oil rigs. It is therefore fundamental for there to be strict regulations in place that provide the highest fire and blast protection possible. Within the UK there are four sets of strict regulations that are applicable for this particular sector. Durasteel can be installed within oil rigs to increase the level of fire protection and also act as prevention for the spreading of fire. The prevention of fire and explosion along with the protection from blasts and fire on offshore working environments is one of the major safety regulations. These are aimed at protecting workers on these platforms from fire and blasts and give them the time and means to escape in the event on an incident occurring.

25 years ago saw a devastating offshore oil rig disaster on the Piper Alpha Platform in the North Sea. This was a huge wake up call for the oil rig sector and prompted the need for more regulations along with fire and blast protection. The traumatic event in 1988 came as a result of a gas leak that resulted in a blast on the Piper Alpha oil rig and this in turn sparked a major fire that lead to the structure being engulfed. This lead to 167 fatalities on the oil rig.

This is a prime example for the need of extended fire protection and blast protection systems that will provide the highest levels of protection due to the nature of working on oil rigs and the variety of hazardous and combustible elements. Durasteel offers the highest level of protection, combining fire, blast, impact and moisture resistance to ensure that the maximum level of oil rig fire and blast protection is in place.

It was the Piper Alpha event that highlighted how catastrophic a fire or blast on an oil rig or offshore platform can be. Durasteel barriers can be installed as a way of reducing the effects of blasts and explosions in and around these facilities. Durasteel is a system that is tested to withstand the highest impacts of blasts and also offer integrity and protect oil rig workers from fire spreading.