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Gas Suppression For Fireproof Media Vaults

Invicta Durasteel Vaults offer the added protection of bespoke gas suppression fire systems offering complete integrated protection to your valuable items.

Durasteel Archival Vaults

Invicta Durasteel can design, supply, install and commission the Combined Analogue Addressable Fire Detection and Inergen Premier Fire Suppression System within vaults.

Inergen Premier Electrical is unique in utilising analogue addressable detection combined with addressable field devices.

The Inergen Premier Analogue Addressable Extinguishant System is a uniquely powerful purpose-designed fire detection, control, indication and alarm system, which represents a major technical development in the intelligent management of automatic fire suppression systems.

Key Features

Powerful cause and effect programming with every field device on the system individually addressed and supervised by the system.

Integral extinguishant status, control and alarm devices are all fully integrated with the fire detection loops and uniquely addressed to the extinguishant control panel.

All addressable devices are utilised effectively on the system and individually communicate the crucial data to enable the system to process intelligent decisions required for activation of the fire suppression system.

The system is designed to support a maximum of 250 fully integrated addressable field devices of many differing types, configured to provide concise information and definitive identification of all system activations, all of which actively contribute to the crucial decisions necessary for the intelligent control and logical activation of the fire suppression system, thus affording the User a simplified installation with maximum effectiveness of all system devices, with optimum protection of his critical risk at all times.

The system utilises high-specification open digital communications protocol Apollo ‘Discovery' state-of-the-art fire detection, which provides the User with a powerful dimension in flexible intelligent fire detection capability, where adaptability to changing environmental conditions and immunity to false alarms, without compromising system sensitivity is paramount.

Typical Design Calculations

Protected Area High Security Vault
Room Height 2.57 m
Total Calculated Area 326.86 sq m
Total Calculated Volume 840.03 sq m
Inergen Premier Design Concentration 40% at 21.1 degrees Celsius
Inergen Premier Calculated Volume 432 cb m
Cylinder Requirements 18 x 80 Litre Capacity
Space Required for Cylinders 1.8 sq m
Gross Weight of each Cylinder 143 kg
Minimum Room Vent Requirements 0.0836 sq m

Fire Detectors

A mixture of analogue addressable photo-optical and ionisation smoke detectors would be utilised within the Inergen Premier protected area to provide automatic detection based upon the coincidence detection principle. The operation of any one smoke detector in the protected area would initiate a first stage alarm condition. The operation of a second smoke detector would initiate second stage alarm condition followed by the release of Inergen Premier gas after a pre-determined time delay period. Analogue addressable smoke detectors to be located within the rooms and voids as applicable.

Inergen Premier Cylinder Assembly

Inergen Premier Cylinder Assembly

Inergen Premier Cylinder Assemblies are manufactured from seamless steel in accordance with BS5945 Part 1. Each cylinder is fitted with a quick action brass valve and charged with the required fixed quantity of extinguishing gas. The Inergen Premier storage cylinders would generally be located near or within the protected area and cylinder racking would be provided to securely fasten the cylinders to a rigid surface.

Inergen System Pipework and Fittings

All Inergen Premier system pipework and fittings are galvanised and would be supplied in accordance with BS3601 or ASTM A106 and BS 3799. All pipework would be priority banded at a spacing minimum of every 3 metres and where pipework passes through walls etc.

Inergen Premier Discharge Nozzles

Inergen Premier Discharge Nozzles

Total flood type discharge nozzles would be provided for the system to disperse the Inergen Premier Extinguishant Gas. Computer Hydraulic Analysis would determine the final discharge nozzle size and orifice code prior to mechanical installation. Inergen Premier discharge nozzles would be located within the room and void(s), as applicable.

Inergen Premier Cylinder Actuators

A 24V-dc solenoid type actuator would be fitted no each Inergen master cylinder valve assembly for cylinder actuation. All Inergen Premier slave cylinders would be actuated pneumatically.

Cylinder Manifold Assembly

Multiple cylinder installations would incorporate a cylinder distribution manifold arrangement manufactured from galvanised steel. The manifold would be supplied with brass non-return valves and is pressure tested to 450 bar. A pressure reducing orifice unit would be fitted to the end of the manifold assembly to reduce the system working pressure within the distribution pipework to approx. 60 bar.