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Fireproof Media Vaults

Steelwork Construction

Step 1 - Steelwork Construction

Section of standard basetrack detail shown.

Durasteel Panels

Step 2 - Durasteel Panels

Skeleton framework of vault prior to fixing of Durasteel panels and insulation shown.

Fire Insulation

Step 3 - Insulation

Insulation to internal core of walls is installed at this stage.


Step 4 - Fire board (Interior)

15mm thick Gypsum fire board applied to the interior of the vault to allow for required finish.

Roof Construction

Step 5 - Roof Construction

Typical Durasteel ceiling shown.

Mobile Shelving

Step 6 - Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving units installed into vault to maximise storage capacity.

Durasteel Fire Vault

Step 7 - The Finished Vault

A 4 hour fire rated, seismic proof, blast and impact resistant vault for the secure storage of data.