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Valve Protection Enclosures

Durasteel has been installed in facilities and plants around the world as valve protection enclosures in order to protect valves from explosions and fires, and enable safe access to valves in the event of an emergency.

The ability to isolate storage areas or to direct highly combustible fuels away from a heat source through a series of protected valves in paramount in the event of a fire. When subjected to high temperatures, the plastic parts of a valve can easily be rendered inoperative, resulting in the valve's inability to divert or arrest flow. Durasteel valve protection enclosures are the ideal solution for the protection of valves, with the ability to provide protection from both fire and blast.

Various Durasteel systems offer methods for the protection of valves. In certain circumstances, it may be sufficient to protect the valve with a fire and blast resistant shielding. In other cases, more substantial protection may be required in the form of a Durasteel valve actuator box. These boxes have been designed to ensure the valve temperature cannot rise by more than 30°C in 15 minutes, or 30°C in 30 minutes, depending on the type of Durasteel system installed.