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Durasteel FAQs

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

  1. Can Durasteel sheets be purchased supply-only? No. In order to ensure the quality and reliability of all Durasteel fire protection systems, Durasteel may only be supplied and installed by an official Durasteel licensee.
  2. How much does it cost? Due to each Durasteel system being of bespoke design in order to meet the exact requirements of each situation, Durasteel can only be priced as a complete solution and not purchased supply-only. Therefore, the cost of each system depends of a number of factors, such as fire protection required, location, ease of access, etc. Please contact us for pricing examples of previous projects we have completed.
  3. What is the difference between the integrity and insulation factors of Durasteel systems? The integrity value represents how long the system will not allow spread of fire or hot gasses to pass through it during the stated time. The insulation value represents how long the temperature increase of the unexposed side of the system remains within set limits during the stated time.
  4. Can Durasteel be installed externally? Yes. Durasteel is moisture, weather and seismic resistant and can be installed in all climates.
  5. Can Durasteel sheets be painted? Yes. Durasteel sheets can be painted with any proprietary metal paint (after degreasing).
  6. Can a Durasteel system be removed once installed? Yes. Durasteel systems are completely demountable.
  7. Is Durasteel waterproof? Although not completely waterproof, Durasteel is water and moisture resistant and can be installed externally and in moisturous conditions.
  8. Is Durasteel soundproof? Although not completely soundproof, a single Durasteel sheet provides 33 dB of sound insulation (Rw). It is possible to achieve up to 56 dB of sound insulation (Rw) with a double skin Durasteel fire barrier with insulation. Please see the System Specifications section of the website for specific details on achievable sound insulation levels for each type of system.
  9. Does Durasteel omit a magnetic field? No. Durasteel does not omit a magnetic field.
  10. How much does 1 Durasteel panel weigh? Each 2000mm x 1200mm 9.5mm thick Durasteel panel weighs approximately 46Kg. This is equivalent to approximately 19.8Kg/m² when dry, or 21.0Kg/m² with 6% moisture.
  11. Is Durasteel available in any other finishes? Yes. Durasteel is also available in a stainless steel finish in addition to the regular galvanised steel sheet finish. It is also possible to paint Durasteel to any required colour.
  12. Is Durasteel a dust-free system? Yes. Durasteel is a dust-free system.
  13. Are there any hazardous components in a sheet of Durasteel? No. Durasteel is classified as non-hazardous in accordance with 67/548/EEC or 1999/45/EC.