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Durasteel DD120 and DD240 Fire Shutters


  • Overall Thickness: 12mm (DD120) 28mm (DD240)
  • Material: 9.5mm thick Durasteel sheet
  • Jointing Construction: Mitred and Welded


  • Overall Frame Depth: 80mm
  • Material: 45 x 80 x 45 x 6mm thick Z-section/25 x 15 x 3mm thick angle section
  • Jointing: Mitred and Welded joints
  • Type and Configuration: 3-sided frame with trailing edge flame trap


  • Frame and Leaf: Standard shop applied zinc based primer, ready for site painting (P3)


  • Standard weight counterbalance system, heavy duty mild steel track


  • BS 476: Part 22: 1987
Durasteel DD 120 and DD 240 Fire Shutters
Dimensional Details Ref Single Leaf Doorset Example Calculation
Structural opening width A A 920mm
Structural opening height B B 900mm
Overall frame width C (A + 92 = C) 1012mm
Overall frame length D (B + 96 = D) 996mm
Door leaf width E ((B + D + 92 = E) 1988mm
Door leaf height F (A + 178 = F) 1098mm
Durasteel DD 120 and DD 240 Fire Doors