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2 Hour Fire Doors

120 Minute (2 Hour) Fire Doors

Invicta Durasteel can supply and install a comprehensive range of high
performance steel doorsets for commercial and industrial

Durasteel Fire Doors

DD 120

The independent certification of Invicta's fire doors ensures that the doorset will prevent the spread of fire from one compartment to another, reducing loss of property and ensuring safe emergency escape for personnel.The DD range of hinged fire doors are certified to BS 476: Part 22: 1987 for up to 240 minutes integrity and to SOLAS and IMO standards.

The range covers single and double leaf constructions for internal and external uses. The unique design of the DD products enables great flexibility in manufacture, allowing almost any shape or size to be produced.

DD 120 Shutter

Our DD 120 and 4 Hour Fire Shutters are ideal for incorporation into industrial fire protection systems, particularly where conveyor belts penetrate compartment walls. The design of the DD 240 Shutter allows the manufacture of a variety of configurations, both dropping and rising to close, dependent on the application.

All shutters are supplied with a counterbalance system to ensure a controlled closure. If required, fusible links and electro-magnetic devices can be incorporated in the design to provide failsafe operation.