Transformer Blast Barriers provide blast protection to Fertiliser Plant

Location: UK Image Gallery Below

Invicta has recently completed the design and installation of 3 self-supporting transformer blast barriers at a fertiliser plant in the UK.

The 4.2m x 4.5m blast barriers were designed bespoke to provide 10kN/m² blast protection, with welded steel bracing supports in order to provide the barriers with increased stability to cater for the additional blast protection and wind loadings in the area. The 3 blast barriers were installed in order to prevent a chain blast occurring should one of the 4 transformers in the area explode.

Installation of all 3 blast barriers was completed in less than 3 weeks, much of which took place in some of the most severe snow and ice conditions the UK has experienced in the last century. However, with Invicta's vast experience in designing, project managing and installing Durasteel, these conditions were overcome and the project was completed on time.

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