EDF High Voltage Blast Proof Cable Encasement

Location: London, UK Image Gallery Below

Invicta have recently completed a Durasteel fire protection project at kings Cross station in London. The project involved the design and installation of an EDF Energy specified cable encasement providing blast protection and 4 hour integrity fire rating to high voltage cables.

The total Durasteel cable encasement measured 16m in length, and was 3 sided complete with an internal splitter wall to give the individual cables seperation protection.

The encasement also included 3 high voltage cable penetrations, which were sealed with high strength fire morter, allowing the cables to safely service different parts of the substation.

The project was completed in extremely difficult working conditions, with incredibly confined working spaces. However, with Invicta's extensive Durasteel installation experience, the project was completed within the 2 week allocated timeframe.

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