Durasteel Fire Barrier Protects Multi-Million Pound Aircraft Hanger

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The insurance company of a newly built aircraft hanger housing 24 £49m aircraft identified the potential high risk of the hanger catching fire and its entire contents being destroyed. In order to insure the hanger, the insurance company stipulated that it be divided up into two sections in order to halve the loss risk.

At a total length of 60m and a height of 10m, Invicta designed and installed a fire wall spanning the entire width and height of the hanger, dividing it into two independent, fire protected compartments.

In order to allow aircraft to move through the hanger and between the two compartments, the 600m² fire wall was designed with a 25m x 5m opening in the middle and an automatic fire curtain fitted. Connected to the hanger's fire alarm system, the fire curtain deploys and descends automatically upon sensing a fire in the hanger.

The wall was designed and constructed with a bespoke deflection head detail in order for the wall to cater for snow loadings on the hanger roof and wind loadings when the main doors at either end of the hanger are open.

The various penetrations through the wall, including gas pipes, data cable trays and sprinkler system pipes, were sealed using 4 hour fire mortar in order to ensure the integrity of the wall. Installation was completed in 8 weeks and the fire wall is now one of the largest in the UK.

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