Durasteel Ceilings and Cable Turning Box Protect EDF Substation

Location: London, UK Image Gallery Below

Throgmorton Street in London is a commercial retail outlet which has recently undergone a complete refurbishment and an EDF substation installed into the basement area.

Invicta's Durasteel division were asked to design and install a Durasteel 4 hour fire rated cable turning box complete with demountable panels to allow access by EDF engineers, with blastproof fire morter on all penetrations.

Additionally, Invicta also designed and installed 2 independent Durasteel 4 hour fire rated ceilings to the substation and switch rooms in the basement to protect the offices above from any explosions originating from the high voltage cables and transformers located in the rooms. The ceilings were approximately 12m² and 25m² in size and included a rake detail to deflect any blast out through the louvre in each room.

The entire project was installed from start to finish in 3 weeks.

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