Demountable UKPN Transformer Blast Barriers

Location: London, UK Image Gallery Below

Invicta's Durasteel division has recently completed the installation of 4 demountable UKPN (UK Power Networks, previously known as EDF Energy) blast barriers to give blast protection of up to 10kN/m² at a substation demolition site in London.

Due to the limited working space on site, the 4 2.5 tonne Durasteel blast barriers were fully pre-fabricated and then lifted and secured into position using a crane. The blast barriers were designed and installed to protect personnel working on the demolition site from the potential explosions of 4 transformers located in the immediate vicinity. The barriers are fully demountable within 4 hours in the event of a transformer failing and the barrier requiring removal in order to allow access to the transformer.

The project was completed from start to finish in less than 5 weeks and the blast barriers comply with stringent UKPN specifications.

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